sanity not included in bundle

Finally, after several weeks of staring in despair at the Nepomuk OSGI middleware/backbone thingy implementation and intensely hating OSGI, maven, SOAP, and all java programmers in general I have finally got some stuff working! It's now all committed and I've made it work on my laptop as well, just to prove it wasn't a glitch.

Here is a screenshot of everything checked out:

This OSGI thing is completely ridicolous… and this is with no real functionality, I dread what it will look like when it actually does something.

… dreaming of a world where I can spend time coding functionality, not being tortured in framework hell…

(This reminds me one of my studens, he was staring at endless jboss exceptions scrolling by, and I walked up and asked how he was doing, and he said "i dont even see jboss any more, all I see is blonde, brunette … )

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