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More Gnowsis Web2.0 Goodness

To make Gnowsis more sexy and fun (isn't that all we want?) for ISWC, I added a quick hack that lets you geo-tag cities in your PIMO using the services from (I also used the RDF representation of ISO3166 from

The tagged cities (or any concept really) is then shown on the PIMO Map:

Additionally, we recently added code that keeps track of creation data for concepts, making it possible to display them on Simile Timeline. This still requires a lot of work, it should really create hot-zone bands for busy periods, and maybe make it possible to show the whole thing with a year/month/week granularity (although, this should really be in the simile code, zooming in and out like google-maps! With smooth animation and swoosh sound effects! and cleaning your teeth…):

PIMO Icons

Another good way to waste time – this week I learned how to use Inkscape, and made a SVG icons for all of the PIMO classes. I found that it's pretty damn hard to think of a good graphic representation of "process concept' :)

Inkscape really is a joy to use – although the gradient editor could be better. The colours were all taken from a scheme from ColorBrewer.

Three of a Perfect Pair

The last few days has brought three new Gnowsis features. It's getting really fun working on the thing now, most of the basic functionality I want is there, and now I really get inspired to fix small, but annoying bugs that have been there for long, as well as making cool new features.
So without further ado, and in reverse order of amount of time it took to hack (click for real images):

The essential Web2.0 feature… THE TAGCLOUD!

This pretty much speaks for itself, the most used concepts in your PIMO, weighted by the number of occurrences (essentially tags).

The Tagging bookmarklet

Instead of spending alot of time fighting with mozilla and zul, we hacked this on up. It works in all browsers, and I still had time left to make the textfield autocomplete on PimoConcepts and get beaten by Leo in Starcraft in the evening.


This is one I been missing for months. Essentially it lets you upload your PIMO to some machine where you have shell access, then other Gnowsis installations you might have can download that PIMO. Later both Gnowsis installations can sync with the one central PIMO, making it easy to keep multiple Gnowsis (Gnowsii?) up to date! The task of doing RDF Diffs was made much easier thanks to
Reto Bachmann-Gmür, and also by the fact that we have no blank nodes in the PIMO. In fact, it was almost trivial. Using SCP from Java was also easy, thanks to JCraft.

Gnowsis is getting so good these days, soon I might have to recommend it to my friends! http://

Gnowsis knows what YOU are thinking…

This is kinda lame since every sensible web-application has this feature, but I just finished coding javascript autocompletion for my rewrite of the gnowsis GUI as a glorious python HTML hack (which I will releasse and blog shortly, when it's slightly nicer). Lovely screenshot here:

Most of this was stolen from gadgetopia, but I adapted it to keep track or URIs as well as labels.