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printable 13×13 go board

I was looking for a printable 13×13 go board to teach some beginners. I thought this would already exist since there are many 9×9 boards available, but no. 13×13 does of course require an A3 printer (although we made them before but cutting up several 9×9 boards and taping them together). A bit of messing about in inkscape and 10 minutes later:

Put here so that the next person who looks can find it on google.


While working hard on my phd just now I was looking through the mp3 collection at some unnamed company. This is the most convincing argument for proper meta-data I've seen in a while, we have some 20k tracks divided into folders, we have classics like:

  • Metal
  • Metall
  • Pop
  • Pop&Rock
  • Rock
  • unsorted

etc. all chaos, but the best is the sub-folder called "multimedia" offering the following classification:

  • a-z
  • albem (albums)
  • deutsche (german)
  • lustiges (funny)
  • themes

where EVERY category can overlap. This is even better than the those animals that from a long way off look like flies.

None of us are as stupid as all of us

Joel writes

…the only thing harder than trying to design software is trying to design software as a team … What kills me is the teams who get into the bad habit of holding meetings every time they need to figure out how something is going to work. Did you ever try to write poetry in a committee meeting? ItÂ’s like a bunch of fat construction guys trying to write an opera while sitting on the couch watching Baywatch. The more fat construction guys you add to the couch, the less likely you are to get opera out of it.

Maybe this is what happens in Nepomuk? Maybe this explains why the RDFApi taskforce spent 9 months coming up with a list of methods that feels like any of us could have scribbled them down in an afternoon (And tf-rdfapi even missed out a few). Similarily, we spent all last week finding core functionalities of Nepomuk, which boiled down to a list of extremely general and obvious things like "search", which again, we could have written down over lunch. (or maybe Tuot was right, maybe it only seems that way because I've been breathing the semantic desktop for a year)

Related is perhaps the color of the bikeshed.

“Real” photos and HST (with no relation)

Wow, over a month since I wrote anything here. I suppose it's because I've not had time for small useless hacks that fit into my idea of what goes on "nothing clever". Instead of hacking I've spent my time playing with my new camera and doing fun things to pictures in gimp. I'm still undecided on how much post-processing of photos is "OK" (to who? the thought police?) I used to regard what came off the memory card as sacred… but shooting in RAW means you can get so many different outcomes for a single shot all of which are tecnically "correct". So I keep coming up with arbitrary rules, like: "adjusting the contrast of the whole image is ok, but selecting only the clouds and doing the same is not". All ridicolous of course. At the end of the day I should gimp I much as I like, it's all about having fun anyway. Still I can't help feeling that gimp'ing is like writing a program to find all primes by doing


Vice versa I suppose you can argue that pursuing the perfect contrast straight off the camera is like coding in brainfuck, it could be seen as a noble task, but it is completely stupid.

I just realised what I did hack, that I could have posted here:

A Pimo-Overview widget (essentially a tree-view on an ontology with instances and relations) for the Nepomuk/IBM Lotussphere demo. It's not rocket science, but I coded it using Eclipse RCP/SWT/JFace stuff, and it was really quick and easy to get going. In the end I dont think it made it into the demo, but it was a learning experience, and I found that SWT/JFace+Eclipse Visual editor is almost as quick as Delphi for developing GUIs.
I've also worked hard on finalising the clustering experiments for my thesis, and again I find that my previous work was kinda sloppy and has big holes in it. Oh well – I'll post meaningless graphs on here again as soon as I'm done.

Finally, here is a quote from Hunter S. Thompson on the internet to his friend (and illustrator) Ralph Steadman:

"We're fucked up, Ralph. They invented the perfect tool for the New Dumb. They can now flourish in the land of serious stupidity and greed. They can infest the planet with every sick asshole you can dream of and make him sound sane. Now, nay cheap, lying fuck can become President of the United States and sound good. Every mindless little screwhead can pour his sickest thoughts into this new machinery, twist it a degree out of normal and send it back as wisdom. You think we have arrived in the Land of the Living Dead. No, Ralph! We have only just begun!"

(Quoted from The Joke's Over – an overall enjoyable read!)

I'm going write an intelligent and witty comment on this quote, just let me refresh digg… and slashdot … and fark… and check if anyone replied to my comments on flickr…

Loopnote launches!

My good old friend from aberdeen has launched his new Web2.0 web-site: Loopnote!

It's all in Ruby on rails, looks good, and performs really well! Although I must confess I haven't really used it. Take a look for great Web2.0 gradients :)

How about some RDF in there Martin? :)

11 years ago – i made my first webpage

Looking through my harddisk trying to free up some space I just came across a folder called "old", which was a copy of my old harddisk, containing three folders "c","d" and "e" one for each partition, the whole thing was still only 3GB. In addition to lots of pictures, letters, etc. that I was sure was lost I found the sources for the very first webpage I made! This was back in the day when we had to make a long-distance phone call to get online (i.e. we had to phone to Oslo), and for some reason I shared my email with the friend who had signed up with the ISP. Maybe we hadn't heard of free webmail.
My friend Johan was an early adopter and already had a webpage about the RPG Shatterzone, which amazingly still exists!. He had cool table-based layouts for making nice frames, and taught me everything I needed to know about HTML :)
He's still miles ahead of me and today he runs Styleboost.

So enough talk, without further ado, I give you


The page mainly speaks for itself I think, although the sentence "I've spent a rather long time developing this X, not that it ever was finished." sounds like something I said last week :)

The download links for the code works, I will have a look at that now, maybe I'll post some highlights later!

Google Calendar Quick Add Ryanair Flights

So my scheduling life is nearly complete, I have all my calendars available everywhere and I have the quick add extension for adding events at anytime.

Now for the problems:

  • Quick Add ONLY adds to my default calendar, I want to be able to enter: "DFKI: Gnowsis Meeting 15pm" and have it added to my DFKI calendar.

  • The "German Holiday" from google sucks – it doesn't have any of the days I want (AND the description says 2005). Also, I cannot get google to read this

  • Adding the calendars from google-calendar to ical works fine, BUT they are read only – why can't I use webdav and edit them with my google username/password?

  • Now, most importantly: Quick add is great, and close to perfection, but i've not booked a ryanair flight, and I get this in an email:

From Hahn Frankfurt(HHN) to Torp Oslo(TRF)
Sat, 03Jun06 Flight FR9822 Depart HHN at 07:05 and arrive TRF at 09:00

putting this into quick-add as is gives me an event TODAY. Not good. Insert some spaces and make it "03 Jun 06" gets the date right, but ignores the time – and the year, leaving these in the description and creates an all day event.
Having tried 10s of different formats I finally get the right thing to happen by changing "Depart HHN at 07:05 and arrive TRF at 09:00" to 7:05-9:00 and moving it in front of the date. That is, unfortunately, more hassle than entering the event by hand.

(Doing all this I noticed another feature that would have been nice: if I could click the "your event has been created" message and go straight to that event)

Damn Simple PHP Blog just ate my entry

It wasn't horribly long, but it was full of love! The session timed out or something, and when I hit the preview button I got 403 and when I went back the text was all gone. Bastards. That will teach me to draft the entries in something that isn't firefox… Oh well. I might rewrite it later.

maybe not quite that hard…

So I'll bite the bullet. It's too late to rebel against the terminology. And the principle is very interesting. And all my friends are doing it. I DO have some issues with writing something and thinking people might want to read it…


Inspired by this man's quite technical writing about research topics I will try to write about research and programming problems that bother me on a day to day basis. That is no teenage angst, no music, no pubs and clubs of kaiserslautern, no holidays. Although I might write a bit of about beards. We'll see how it works out.