Trope Bingo

This week we went to see Thor, and it seemed guaranteed to be a Trope-fest, and over lunch we came up with the idea of a “trope bingo”. 30 minutes with python, SPARQL and in the last part of the afternoon and it was done.

In the end, the film was good, Thor was the Big Ham, utters the BIG NO and they have token Asian and Black Norse Gods. However, the cinema was too dark to actually play Bingo.

Today I got around to “porting” the script to PHP, so now you can play too! Click here:

Trope Bingo!

Not much to say about this one – the following query extracts all tropes from dbtropes which has more than 200 instances:

PREFIX rdfs:
PREFIX skip:
?trope a skip:FeatureClass ; rdfs:label ?label ; rdfs:comment ?comment .
{ SELECT (count(*) AS ?count) ?trope WHERE { ?f a ?trope . } GROUP BY ?trope }
FILTER (?count>200)

The tropes are stored in a CSV file, we pick 25 randomly. See the source.

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