On bias in public Wikis.

Wikipedia is generally quite good at identifying and correcting bias and "non-encyclopaedic" behaviour in it's pages. In fact it goes so far that it's getting annoying at times when you are doing important research.

How much nicer isn't this from the wikitravel guide to hongkong:

A word of caution for Western men: Almost all Thai, Filipino and Indonesian women in Western bars and restaurants on Lockhart Road are prostitutes. They sometimes have a second job as 'waitresses'. Scams involving drugged drinks, inflated bills, and once more personal info is exchanged, blackmailing the men, a sick mother back home in the Philippines needing an urgent, expensive, life-saving surgery, etc. are very common. Don't fall in love with them, only to be ruined economically and personally by them.

Do I sense a slight note of personal bitterness?

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