None of us are as stupid as all of us

Joel writes

…the only thing harder than trying to design software is trying to design software as a team … What kills me is the teams who get into the bad habit of holding meetings every time they need to figure out how something is going to work. Did you ever try to write poetry in a committee meeting? ItÂ’s like a bunch of fat construction guys trying to write an opera while sitting on the couch watching Baywatch. The more fat construction guys you add to the couch, the less likely you are to get opera out of it.

Maybe this is what happens in Nepomuk? Maybe this explains why the RDFApi taskforce spent 9 months coming up with a list of methods that feels like any of us could have scribbled them down in an afternoon (And tf-rdfapi even missed out a few). Similarily, we spent all last week finding core functionalities of Nepomuk, which boiled down to a list of extremely general and obvious things like "search", which again, we could have written down over lunch. (or maybe Tuot was right, maybe it only seems that way because I've been breathing the semantic desktop for a year)

Related is perhaps the color of the bikeshed.

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