What’s in the Axis2_in_OSGI bundle? PAIN!

And more pain!

In the last two days I've been trying to deploy Axis2 as an OSGI bundle, and it has proven almost completely impossible.

The reason for this was the general idea that axis2 should be better than axis1 (see, it goes to 11, eh, to 2) and the developers are very excited about it, saying "Axis2 is very much straight forward and friendly to use than it's predecessor.". Now after two days and no hair left I wish I had googled "Axis2 sucks" earlier, cause it gave me this jewel of an article: Axis2 – why bother.

Read it all, but I have to pull out this quote:

[..blah, it sucks..] It really is a gift that keeps on giving. Deployment brings its own special joy sauce to burn your eyes out with and make your bottom cry rivers of brown sadness. Everything is hardcoded to a specific context path, and deploying the simplest hello world service is more likely than not to result in a jbossian stacktracefest.

PS: This post included no sensible or useful information, sorry.

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