More Gnowsis Web2.0 Goodness

To make Gnowsis more sexy and fun (isn't that all we want?) for ISWC, I added a quick hack that lets you geo-tag cities in your PIMO using the services from (I also used the RDF representation of ISO3166 from

The tagged cities (or any concept really) is then shown on the PIMO Map:

Additionally, we recently added code that keeps track of creation data for concepts, making it possible to display them on Simile Timeline. This still requires a lot of work, it should really create hot-zone bands for busy periods, and maybe make it possible to show the whole thing with a year/month/week granularity (although, this should really be in the simile code, zooming in and out like google-maps! With smooth animation and swoosh sound effects! and cleaning your teeth…):

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